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Mazzo in Metso

Tampere | Pääkirjasto Metso

Fantasiamaailma kohtaa italialaisen taidetradition Enrico Mazzonen lyijykynäpiirroksissa.

The exhibition is structured in 3 different parts each of ones is connected from a chronological structure.
Moreover logistic, it depends from which part the observer will decides to walking around.
Some Old drawings from a very specific era ( 2005/ 2007 ) might gives a mystical sense .
A bigger draw is framed between 2 proverbs and include a touch of 'Pataphysics .. the pencil’s stroke also changes and the composition become more structured.
Finally the recent sketches who belongs to the final draw I’m making for the 100th jubilee, maybe the masterpiece of my work trough all my last decade, named “Freedom, Love and Independence “ .. with a national-romantic styling . measures: 30 x 4 metres long.


Ajalla 20.2.–4.3.

  • ma klo 10–20
  • ti klo 10–20
  • ke klo 10–20
  • to klo 10–20
  • pe klo 10–20
  • la klo 10–16


Pääkirjasto Metso




Pirkankatu 2



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